Why you need an immigration attorney?  

Some clients especially those that may think that an immigration benefit is simply an application that they are completing may not always seek an immigration attorney.  They may find it unnecessary to seek an attorney well versed in immigration law.  The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) was enacted in 1952.  The INA is contained in the United States Code (U.S.C).  According to immigration law, there are certain requirements and legal definitions that must be met in order to quality for an immigration benefit.  Like many of areas of law, the law must be applied to the specific circumstances at hand.  This is where an attorney is necessary to help clients that may not understand the implications of what might otherwise be considered simple answers.  For example, the following questions, “When did you enter the U.S.? How did you enter the U.S.? Has many implications for potential beneficiaries.  Therefore, it is important that anyone applying for an immigration benefit should consult with an attorney regarding their eligibility for any immigration benefit.  

What may appear as a simple process, may not be the case for most individuals applying for a benefit.  The answers to these questions as discussed above may have an impact now and in the future for beneficiaries that may impede their ability to apply for a benefit.  Therefore, it is imperative that an attorney is consulted for any and all immigration benefits.  

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